Businessman at the top comes to success


Binaa is an Architecture and Development Company. It is the result of a great vision combined with professional skills and leading the way towards unlimited achievements. Our aim goes beyond planning and constructing, our aim is to leave a distinctive mark in such a large industry. We combine functional planning with esthetical development to create a flawless, detailed, well studied work of art.


How we turned the vision into reality

It all started with a 14 year-old boy who discovered a great passion for constructing. Working all around Lebanon (Allay, Hboub, Byblos, Tannourine, Laklouk, Zalka, Kfifein, Mechref, Damour, etc.) and abroad (kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia), Jean Moussa established a strong presence in the market. After over 42 years of experience, hard work and creativity according to high standards of values and excellence, the vision of Binaa started to get clearer. With his son, the architect Youssef Moussa, graduate of LAU, they decided to establish the corporation of Binaa, turning the vision into reality. After establishing the concept of Binaa we had to search for the best of the best in the field combining the young shots that have the fresh modern vision with the veteran whose wisdom has been refined by years of experience. Building that team composed of architects, engineers, contractors, designers and labor we had accomplished most of the process.   Now they are dedicated to bring growth to our community and assist our clients in turning their vision into reality!


“Binaa's performance on our projects was exceptionally positive. As a result of this cooperative team effort, the project was developed with outstanding excellence and was delivered on schedule.”

Talal Breidy
Senior Manager-Global Relations at Houston Methodist Hospital

“Every individual of the Binaa crew put so much effort in order to deliver the project. The positive team manner and work ethic resulted in a high-profile project beyond all expectations. We perceived a really positive and pleasant working environment between the design and construction.”

Imad Hayek
Specialist in oral surgery and dental implant

“Binaa has showed an extraordinary level of teamwork. They bring an advanced methodology to project delivery."

Simon Ouba
Owner of Ouba Gardens

“Our experience with Binaa team was a pleasant one. We are willing to work with Binaa on so many projects. One of the most qualities we appreciated is their impeccable problem solving and time management, as well as their positive behavior and exceptional visions”

Georges Sabounji
Owner of Sabounji Jewelry

“We share with Binaa a long history through time. They executed most if not all our Gas Stations all over Lebanon and our main office building. We are sure in their capability to work collaboratively to confirm that a project of this greatness was delivered successfully.”

Michel Issa
Owner of IPT Gas Stations

“Binaa method to handling a project is inspirational. The project was delivered on time, within budget, and with quality.”

Sami Kaddoum
Owner of Kaddoum Restaurants