About Binaa

Turning the Vision into Reality

Binaa is an Architecture and Development Company based in Lebanon. It is the result of a great vision combined with professional skills and leading the way towards unlimited achievements. Our aim goes beyond planning and constructing, our aim is to leave a distinctive mark in such a large industry. We combine functional planning with esthetical development to create a flawless, detailed, well-studied work of art.  Based on the solid basis of our past and proficiency, we are dedicated to delivering excellence to all of the clients and societies we assist.

Binaa has the ability to take the project from scratch and develop a well-studied strategy that includes the following steps: Preliminary research, site analysis, Brief of development, fee proposal and design contract, concept designs, design development, final design, council approval (planning and/or construction certification), Execution, finishing and continuous follow up and supervision.

Throughout 32 years, Binaa successfully competed major residential, interior design, architecture projects,  in Lebanon and the Arab World.

Our Vision

"Leadership is the capacity of translating the vision into reality"

We strive to become one of the top architecture firms in Lebanon along with construction. We aim to exceed our client’s expectations for safety, quality, functionality and aesthetics and deliver high end products that stand the test of time. We will constantly expand our skill set to differentiate us from our competition and foster trustworthy clients.

Our Accomplishments

"Some people dream of great accomplishemtns, while we stay awake and do them"

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Our Skills

We are always studying and learning new skills

Research Skills

We evaluate a condition, pursue numerous perceptions, gather more information, and classify key issues that need to be addressed.

Communication Skills

 We listen to our customers’ demands and requests, we discuss the issues together and we find the perfect solution for each specific case.


We are team and we have an ability to manage numerous tasks and to adapt to altering circumstances and work projects.


 The team is led by a very well experienced and creative leader who has over 45 years of experience in this field.

Our Core Values

"It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are"


We love what we do and we keep working until perfection.


 We are loyal to our customers and we keep our promises.

Positive Attitude

We work with drive and passion and we demonstrate this passion through our relationships with customers.


We act in a responsible and fair manner under all circumstances.

Our Head Team

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is a progress and working together is success"